Myopia Events

Organizers of the meeting announced that starting in 2021, GSLS will offer an entire day focused on myopia management with the inaugural Global Myopia Symposium.
The 17th IMC jointly organized by the Japan Myopia Society and BHVI was held from September 12-15th at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and was a hotspot of knowledge, controversy, new data and heavily discussed findings across many of the hot topics in myopia management today.
A total of 23 scientific and clinic experts in myopia from all six WHO regions worked together to review and deliberate on the evidence on the major issues in myopia.
The objective of the meeting was to move from science to practice by addressing prevention, detection and the management of myopia. Representatives from the countries in the Western Pacific Region participated in the session along with representatives from the WHO and IAPB as well as subject experts in myopia.

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