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Sydney, Australia, 12 April 2018: An update to the Brien Holden Vision Institute Myopia Calculator has added features that include an ‘ethnicity’ option and now made it available in Mandarin and Spanish.

Originally launched in 2017, the free, simple to use web-based tool runs on a range of electronic devices and merges individual patient information with different optical and pharmacological treatment options to illustrate the impact on their future level of myopia.

The added ‘ethnicity’ option now enables users to switch between ‘Asian’ and ‘Caucasian’.  The estimated annual progression is calculated using data from the Brien Holden Vision Institute database (for Asian ethnicities) and published meta-analysis (for Caucasian ethnicity).

The Myopia Calculator can be used to estimate the annual progression of myopia with and without management using:

  • Age
  • Refractive error at presentation and
  • Ethnicity

Access the calculator here.

This latest version requires users to complete a one-off registration to obtain access.

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