The Brien Holden Vision Institute ‘Guidelines for Myopia Management’ is a free, easy-to-use, practical tool developed to assist the busy eye care professional manage patients with myopia.

The guidelines have been developed by researchers and clinicians at Brien Holden Vision Institute and Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre, China.

Incorporating the latest evidence-based knowledge, the guidelines remind practitioners of the different stages of assessment and treatment of myopes and will help inform diagnostic tests, risk assessment, appropriate myopia management options and scheduling follow-up visits and tests.
The step-wise approach includes:
  1. Initial consultation - procedures to include
  2. Assessment of risk for onset and progression of myopia
  3. Management strategy - factors to consider
  4. Follow-up - frequency and procedures
They complement other practitioner resources available on this site, including the ‘Myopia Calculator’ and ‘Managing Education Program’.

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This new version of the Brien Holden Vision Institute Managing Guidelines for Myopia Management requires users to complete a one-off registration to access it. This will enable us to better understand the number of users and allow for notifications about any updates to these guidelines or advances in myopia management research.


Although the guidelines are created primarily for desktop and tablet use in your practice, the responsive design ensures it will perform on all devices (including smart phones).
Disclaimer: These Guidelines are to be treated as information of a general nature and do not constitute advice. With research on the management of myopia continuously developing, Brien Holden Vision Institute does not guarantee that the information now in these Guidelines is correct or will apply in the future. Brien Holden Vision Institute makes no warranties or express or implied representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or usefulness of the information contained or referenced in these Guidelines. Brien Holden Vision Institute does not assume any risk whatsoever for the individual user and/or the healthcare professional’s use of the information contained herein.