We research and develop breakthrough technologies and products that improve vision, and then, we invest any revenues from this work in our eye care programs around the world.

Business development strategy

We are adaptable in how we conduct research and collaborate with partners to create new, and improve existing, commercial products. This includes the following approaches:


Working with an industry partner to achieve commercially viable products and solutions.

We have co-developed several market leading contact lens products including the first silicone hydrogel contact lens to be approved for 30-night extended wear with Ciba Vision (now Alcon). Find out more about our co-development efforts.


We translate research into commercially viable products and solutions through the licensing of our patented technology to industry partners.

In 2017, our extended depth of focus (EDOF) contact lens technology was licensed to SEED Co Ltd in Japan and mark’ennovy in Europe respectively, to produce contact lenses for myopia and presbyopia. We also licensed Intellectual property and test software to BrainRulers LLC to develop a neuro-ophthalmic device for diagnosis and management of concussion.
In conjunction with the Vision CRC program, we have licensed intraoperative autorefraction and intraoperative optical coherence tomography technologies to industry partner Bioptigen (now Leica Microsystems) for application in ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Contact Lens
IP Management


Our IP portfolio (patents, trademarks and domain names) is managed by an in-house team (IP Counsel, IP Manager and an IP coordinator). The team actively oversee and manage the prosecution, registration and maintenance of the IP portfolio in consultation with external IP and trademark attorneys and registries.

They provide the following services: managing patent records and prior article searches, drafting specifications, infringement and validity opinions, recommendations on filing and prosecution of patents and freedom to operate (FTO) analysis.

In addition, the IP team also supports the needs, as required, by our stakeholders, involving inventors, project and legal teams, board, senior management, collaborators and industry partners.

Partner or Perish

We have more than 40 years of experience in collaborating with leading industry and research organisations on the development of superior vision care products and advancement of knowledge about ocular health.

This includes 25 years as part of the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme and working with major manufacturers on the development of contact lens, contact lens solution and spectacle lens products.

Our collaboration model is based around a fair distribution of project equity for each partner, providing returns on product success based on the monetary value each party contributes to the project.

"I have had the opportunity to work with some really great individuals….talented and dedicated scientists, who are not only advancing our understanding of vision…but also working to provide excellence in eye care for everyone.

Brien Holden Vision Institute has an equitable policy of sharing royalties generated through translational research collaborations. The University of Houston has benefitted from that in the projects we have worked on."

Dr Earl Smith III, Dean of University of Houston College of Optometry