Workforce Development

We educate across the spectrum from eye screener to optometrist as we believe that, intrinsic to building sustainable eye care services, is creating confident eye health professionals at every level.

What is Workforce Development?

We believe educating and training people is the only way to build the necessary workforce to affect change in countries where eye care services are inadequate or non-existent. Intrinsic to building sustainable eye care services is creating confident eye health professionals at every level.

Through Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy we educate across the spectrum from eye screener to optometrist. We work with universities to develop optometry as a tertiary course, often where it hasn’t existed as a profession before. In addition to our direct education initiatives, we help establish infrastructure needed for eye care systems to flourish, including:
  • Providing support to assist in developing faculty for new tertiary positions
  • Advocating for new levels of personnel needed across eye care systems
  • Promoting the development of professional regulatory bodies and frameworks
  • Advocating for public health posts for optometrists in existing health systems
  • Providing accredited professional development courses face-to-face and online

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Why is it important?

Imagine if there were no eye care services for you to visit and no optometrists to check your eyes. Or what if your local eye care services couldn’t provide you with glasses or the treatment your eyes needed? How would you manage to live your life? Stay safe, not lose your job or provide for your family if you could not see well enough to work?

This is the case for 950 million people globally.

In developed countries, eye care is provided by optometrists accessed through either public or private health services. In many developing communities of the world this is not the case. There is a shortage of eye care professionals and a lack of access to comprehensive care. The impact on people’s lives, and the economic cost to communities and countries, is considerable.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be here to witness the official opening of Vietnam’s first optometry school, This day marks a momentous and celebratory occasion in the development of eye health services for the people of Vietnam and a glimpse into the future for the country’s long term, sustainable vision care framework.”

The Late Professor Brien Holden