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Cycloplegic Refraction in Managing Myopia

Rebecca Yan Shun Weng, BOptom (Hons), GradDip (I&T) BHVI The prevalence of myopia has increased dramatically, with an observable trend of earlier myopia onset in school-aged children.1,2 It is known that younger myopic children are prone to greater annual progression3,4, hence they are likely to progress to higher levels of myopia, leading to an increased risk of

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Glaucoma in Myopia: Diagnostic Dilemmas

Huy Tran, MD Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Myopia Control Clinic, Hai Yen Eye Care PhD candidate, BHVI Myopia is positively associated with glaucoma. However, diagnosing glaucoma in those eyes is a challenge due to the changes in retinal structure and function that result from axial elongation. This article describes potential diagnostic dilemmas that confound diagnosis and monitoring of

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