Parental Myopia

Good communication is crucial to success in myopia management. This builds trust in you, the eye care professional, as patients undergoing myopia management will be under your care for a decade or longer.
Early onset of myopia leads to higher net myopia due to progression being faster at younger ages and more years spent in progression mode.1 The burden is significant with high myopia (greater than -5.00D) increasing the risk of complications such as glaucoma, cataract, retinal breaks and myopic maculopathy.
As the prevalence of myopia grows throughout the world, the onset moves to younger ages, and higher levels are being seen in young adults, there is a developing consensus that treating myopia progression should have a goal of limiting the maximum level attained by an individual patient.
The Myopia Meeting recently hosted several live webinars for eye care professionals interested in learning from the experts about how to incorporate myopia management into their practices.
Interestingly, it has been said that nearly one-third to one-half fail to comply with general medical advice and prescriptions, with a number of factors such as the individual’s own beliefs, information available to them and personal circumstances playing a role.

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