Health Communication

Walgett, NSW, Australia, 5 September 2017: Today we offer tribute to our one and only Phyllis Dennis (right), a proud Gamilaraay woman, who was a dedicated nurse and Aboriginal Health Worker in New South Wales (NSW) for a large part of her life. . Sadly Phyllis passed away in a traffic accident on Friday 25th August...

Inefficient blinking can contribute to very irritating dry eye symptoms. The habit of blinking more efficiently can be developed and maintained by performing blink exercises as described in the Blink Exercises Guide, Professor Charles McMonnies, UNSW writes.

Today, the Brien Holden Foundation celebrates the life of one of ours, Vincent Ang. A dedicated optometrist, Vincent regularly conducted Retinal Camera training on behalf of our Foundation.

 Sydney, Australia, 23 March 2019: Today as we celebrate World Optometry Day, we encourage you to pause to reflect on the fact that optometry, as a profession, is very young in many global locations emerging more rapidly over the last 10 to 15 years.

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