Partnership to increase optometry education in Middle East and Northern Africa regions

Islamabad, Pakistan, 20 April, 2017: Today we are pleased to announce a new long term partnership between Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy and Eyezone Institute of Opticianry in Kuwait. The new partnership is driven by the common goal to increase delivery of optometry education in the Middle East and Northern Africa regions.

Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy believes that education and training is the only way to build the capacity necessary to affect change by increasing the global optometric workforce. The Academy develops and strengthens the human capacity of emerging nations by enabling them to contribute to global eye health in an effective and sustainable way.

Eyezone Institute of Opticianry and Private Training is an institute established to pursue new perspectives in eye care learning. It offers customised programs and advanced courses dedicated to training thousands of eye care professionals across the region.

Sumrana Yasmin, Regional Director, South East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean, Brien Holden Vision Institute spoke with excitement about the new joint venture. “I greatly believe in drawing on new collaborations and strategies which can elevate the current situation to new heights of progress and success – I am very pleased about this new partnership as I know our new colleagues are committed to the evolution of eye health for our region,” she said.

This venture can be seen as an unparalleled opportunity to extend a shared reach through eye health and optometric education in a way that benefits both prospective students and eye care professionals keen to increase their level of skill.

Initial strategies of the partnership include integrating established curriculum and methodologies from Brien Holden Vision Institute, to enable greater delivery of quality education across the optometric spectrum, for eye care professionals attending the Eyezone Institute of Opticianry. As part of the integration, the faculty at EyeZone Institute will be trained by the Academy education experts across all aspects of delivering the education programs which includes; advice on curriculum, working to enhance infrastructure and providing educational resources.

Mr Ali Bandoor, CEO, Eyezone Institute of Opticianry when speaking about the partnership said: “Eyezone Institute’s mission is to develop first class training modules and methodologies tailor-made to benefit the various sectors of the optical industry. Our new joint venture with Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy comes at an opportune time and we are very excited at the new possibilities and wealth of knowledge possible with this alliance.”

The partnership will also address the rapidly evolving optical technologies through the delivery of cutting-edge courses, both face-to-face and online, offering a broader perspective and evidence-base curriculum which has been tried and tested by Brien Holden Vision Institute.


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