OCULUS optikgeräte GmbH licenses predictive algorithm technology for refractive error management developed by BHVI

Sydney Australia, 24 October, 2019: Today, BHVI and OCULUS announced an agreement that will see OCULUS incorporate BHVI’s algorithms for tracking and estimating refractive error into its Myopia Master ophthalmic instruments developed for the management of Myopia. German based OCULUS is a leading global manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments and devices.The OCULUS Myopia Master is the world’s first device to combine all the important measurement methods of myopia management: axial length, refraction values and the central corneal radii.

“This license agreement is another example of the cutting-edge technologies that BHVI is engaged in.  BHVI literally ‘wrote the book’ on Myopia when its seminal research paper Global Prevalence of Myopia and High Myopia and Temporal Trends from 2000 through 2050 was published in 2016.

Our agreement with OCULUS will see our research translated into more instruments that optometrists can use to manage Myopia, globally,” said Yvette Waddell, BHVI’s CEO.

“Using large and expansive data sets generated on our own and in collaboration with our research partners across the globe, the team at BHVI is continually engaged in expanding the state of knowledge as well as bringing solutions to reverse the rising myopia epidemic. We are delighted for the opportunity to work together with leading ophthalmic industry such as OCULUS to translate some of this knowledge” said Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg, Head, Myopia Program at BHVI.

“Through working with and incorporating BHVI’s unique technology into our Myopia Master suite of offerings, we can continue to deliver world class instruments to our clients;” said Christian Kirchhübel, CEO of OCULUS. Myopia (often called near sightedness) makes seeing distant objects difficult and causes the eyeball to change shape. Currently around 30% of the world is Myopic. Research conducted at BHVI predicts that by 2050, almost 50% of the world’s population will be Myopic.

OCULUS, BHVI and its collaboration partner, the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center will continue to work together to develop further functionality of OCULUS’ Myopia Master featuring Myopia Management Software incorporating a unique refractive outcome algorithm. The predictive algorithm is useful for the management of Myopia in children, where we are seeing the highest progression rates.


About BHVI

BHVI was established in 1985 and six years later it launched its specialist science arm, VisionCRC. It has a long successful history of co-developing innovative ophthalmic devices, including the Focus Night & Day contact lens with Alcon / CIBA Vision. This has brought in more than $300 million in royalty income for BHVI and its global project partners. Through our foundation, we provide child eye health care, accessible eye care and helps to train and develop the optometrist workforce in Australia and across the globe.

Today, nearly all who wear contact lenses have benefited from the research and efforts of BHVI.

About Oculus

For more than 120 years, OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH has been a trusted partner for eye care professionals around the world. With the highest attention to detail, our devices are designed and manufactured at the OCULUS headquarters, located in Wetzlar, Germany. Thanks to our 10 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and America, and more than 200 distributors in over 80 countries, OCULUS is accessible to all customers around the globe.More than 55% of OCULUS turnover is generated within the international market. There are about 380 employees working at the OCULUS headquarters –more than 60% of them in either research and development or production and service.

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