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Sydney, Australia, 17 July 2015 Brien Holden Vision Institute will launch a new and improved version of the award-winning Virtual Refractor at the American Academy of Optometry’s annual conference in New Orleans.

Developed by the Institute, the Virtual Refractor simulates a distance subjective refraction using a refractor head on virtual patients, with numerous demographic profiles, who respond to test charts and questions regarding the effects of lens combinations introduced by the examiner.

Professor Brien Holden, CEO, Brien Holden Vision Institute, said, “The Virtual Refractor provides a realistic experience that allows optometry students to learn refraction faster, and in their own time.”

The current version of the Virtual Refractor has received positive feedback from Academics worldwide. Associate Professor Barbara Junghans, School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales, Sydney, said, “We have reduced a significant number of hours out of our practical hands-on sessions where we teach the process of refraction by setting at home Virtual Refractor assignments.

We also have data which is soon to be sent for publication that demonstrates that students who use the Virtual Refractor are faster and more accurate on their first two real patients (both myopes).”

The Virtual Refractor will be launched in October in New Orleans, U.S.


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