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Foundation Annual General Meeting welcomes new board members

Sydney, Australia, 27 March 2019: Earlier this week the members of Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation met for the Annual General Meeting in Sydney, at the global head office. All six members were present; Mr Frank Back, Ms Yvette Waddell, Professor Charles McMonnies, Professor Nag Rao, Ms Amanda Davis, and Ms Sandra Bailey via proxy.

The members elected three new Board members: Professor Fiona Stapleton, Dr Howard Purcell, and Ms Yvette Waddell. We welcome the new directors and the diverse areas of knowledge that they bring to the Foundation.

Our passion for science and innovation is driven by the pursuit of knowledge, development of beneficial new ideas and technology, and compassion for all humanity. The Foundation stands behind its belief that sight is a fundamental right for everyone, everywhere. We are committed to our mission of developing new solutions for vision care and eliminating vision impairment and avoidable blindness in Australia and worldwide.

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