Speakers who delivered a preview of the IMI reports at American Academy of Optometry meeting in November

International Myopia Institute releases comprehensive myopia reports

Sydney, Australia, 1 March 2019: More than 85 global experts have contributed to eight reports covering all aspects of myopia, just published in a special edition of Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

Developed by collaborators in the International Myopia Institute (IMI), the papers have summarised evidence from hundreds of reports and peer-reviewed studies to provide eye care professionals, researchers, industry and policy-makers with the most up-to-date guidance on the following areas:

  • Defining and classifying myopia
  • Experimental models of emmetropization and myopia
  • Myopia genetics
  • Interventions for myopia onset and progression
  • Clinical myopia control trials and instrumentation
  • Industry guidelines and ethical considerations for myopia control
  • Clinical myopia management guidelines

To learn more about the development of the IMI papers, the committees involved, and to access each paper click here.

You can also access the papers freely at Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

The papers were previewed at a special session at the American Academy of Optometry meeting in November 2018.

The International Myopia Institute was initiated by the late Professor Brien Holden in 2015, following a joint World Health Organization – Brien Holden Vision Institute Global Scientific Meeting on Myopia, as a vehicle to advance knowledge and better inform clinicians about the evidence for managing myopia, and to promote future myopia research

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