Dryness can be very frustrating...

Importance of Blinking

Dryness can be very frustrating…

Inefficient blinking can contribute to very irritating dry eye symptoms.

Dry eye symptoms occur in people of all ages including computer/electronic device users and contact lens wearers, but especially with increasing age when the tear producing glands can become dysfunctional.

Blink Exercises Guide

Not blinking often enough and incomplete (or partial) blinking are the two primary causes of inefficient blinking. Inefficient blinks can also be too forceful or too slow whereas efficient blinks are full, complete, quick, rapid, brief, soft, light, relaxed blinks which appear natural and confident looking.

The habit of blinking more efficiently can be developed and maintained by performing blink exercises as described in the Blink Exercises Guide. However, efficient blinking exercises may need to be combined with other approaches to reducing symptoms of dryness.

Copies of the Blink Exercises Guide are available on request from Professor McMonnies at c.mcmonnies@unsw.edu.au.

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