Eye Care Practitioner’s Program

Myopia Management is a lifelong journey. Embed myopia management in your practice, from patient management to business development.

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Eye Care Practitioner’s Program

A myopia patient is a lifelong patient.

BHVI’s world leading Myopia Education Program brings you the latest research, clinical procedures, and business expertise.

BHVI’s Myopia Education Program includes three courses, each is fully online and takes around 6 hours to complete.

  1. Course 1: Managing Myopia – Changing the way you understand and manage myopia in your patients. 6hrs credits.
  2. Course 2: Complex Cases – Strategies and tools for managing the most complex cases of myopia. 6hrs credits.
  3. Course 3: The Business of Myopia – Growing your business through smart myopia management. Up to 6hrs credits.

Each course is continuing education approved by OA and GOC.

You can start each course any time over the 12 months following registration.

Once you choose to enroll in each course, you have 6 weeks to complete that course. For example, you could complete Course 1 in month 2, Course 2 in month 4 and Course 3 in month 7.

You will be awarded a certificate for each course at the successful completion of the program.

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