Managing Myopia for Practice Staff

Enabling your staff to help build your myopia management practice.

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Managing Myopia for Practice Staff

A myopia patient is a lifelong patient.

BHVI’s world-leading Managing Myopia for Practice Staff course helps you successfully integrate myopia management into the practice with critical guidance in areas such as; why myopia management is important, different management strategies, booking appointments, communication and marketing.

Enable your staff to easily...

  • Communicate the risks of myopia and the need to slow progression to children & parents
  • Describe the available strategies to slow myopia progression
  • Outline the clinical, visits and appointment structure appropriate for myopia management
  • Answer common parental questions about myopia management
  • Support marketing campaigns for myopia management in the practice

Course Structure

Self-paced, the course is made up of 6 modules, from 30 to 60 minutes long (4 to 6 hours total) including:

  • Interactive content
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Course Notes
  • Certificate on completion

Course must be completed within six weeks. Please be aware the course will close after this period. Certificate is awarded at successful completion.



Why manage myopia?

We look at what myopia is and why it’s important to try to manage myopia onset and progression.


Myopia management

We review the options available to slow the progression of myopia.


Patient visits

We look at the visits and testing required for a myopia management patient.



We’ll help you tailor your communication for different myopia management patients.



We’ll discuss in-practice marketing and digital marketing strategies which benefit both your patients and the practice.

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