Eye Care Professionals, Take Action!

Change the way you understand myopia, to change your patients' lives for the better.

Time is running out. The future is now in your hands. Will you help protect your community and patients against myopia?

In 30 years, 50% of the world’s population will be myopic. This health epidemic will have an unprecedented impact on lifestyles, livelihoods, economies and health systems.

To reverse the trend for the current  generation and for those that follow. Start today taking three easy steps…

#1 – Stay Educated!

Understand the risks and latest treatments with
BHVI’s Myopia Education Program and stay up to date with the Global Myopia Centre’s resources.

#2 – Communicate With Your Community!

It is important for your community and patients to understand if they are at risk of myopia, and what steps they can take to help prevent it.

#3 – Get On Social!

Myopia is projected to become a leading cause of blindness worldwide. You can help facilitate action by supporting awareness on social media.

Be sure to use #MyopiaAwarenessWeek on social media and check out our social media toolkit for more resources.

International Myopia Institute
Our friends at the International Myopia Institute have been working tirelessly to expand and disseminate the latest in myopia research, making it publicly available to help guide eye care professionals in their understanding  and management of myopia as well as to  inform policy and decision makers at various peak bodies.

A series of whitepapers on various aspects were produced by global myopia experts in consensus. Both the whitepapers and clinical summaries of these white papers can be accessed for free at myopiainstitute.org.

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