Support your Child's eye health!

Current research indicates that both genetics and environmental factors determine whether a child will be myopic. They also play a role in the progression of myopia.

However, while we cannot change their genetics, it is useful to know that environment plays a significant role in myopia and therefore, you can use some simple strategies that will help protect their vision now and into the future.

Make eye health a priority!

Eye health is as important as physical health. Make yours and your child’s eye health a priority.

Stay informed. Book an eye examination for you and your child with an eye care professional before they commence schooling and at regular intervals thereafter.

If you or your child is already myopic, there are many ways to slow the progression and reduce the burden. Keep in touch with your eye care professional.

Switch off and get out!

Activate outdoor time- encourage skipping, hopping, and moving outdoors as a daily routine.

Encourage taking a break from near tasks/digital media – moving eyes to look at distant objects, outside the window or a little walk outside reduces risk.

If your child is myopic, it is important that they are appropriately managed.

#MyopiaAwarenessWeek #MAW2022

Early detection creates prevention

Be aware of symptoms of myopia. Keep an eye out for any changes in visual environment of your child!

Get the facts and talk with your optometrists, so that you and your child can make healthy vision decisions.

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#MyopiaAwarenessWeek #MAW2022

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