keep your eye on myopia treatments!

Cutting-edge technology and products, advances in therapeutics, and increasing dedication by the industry to tackling the myopia epidemic has seen an explosion in intervention treatment options for myopia!

Myopia Courses

prep your practice!

BHVI’s practice management course is a go-to resource for educating and preparing frontline workers to discuss myopia management with patients.

Make sure your patients get the facts so that they can make healthy vision decisions.

keep treatments close!

With so many treatment options now, where do you start?

The International Myopia Institute has developed a useful communication tool and chairside reference of key myopia management evidence-based information easily accessed by practitioners.

Translated into 13 languages and counting!

IMI Infographic
Myopia Calc

predict treatment success!

Use BHVI’s myopia calculator to see how treatment combinations can support myopia management and the progression of your patient’s myopia.

Now updated with latest treatment options!

know how to manage!

Download BHVI’s myopia management guidelines as a desk-side reference to aid in consultations, risk assessments, developing management strategies and establishing follow-up frequencies with patients.


Get involved!

What can I do?

Embed myopia management into your practice!

  1. Get familiar with the latest treatments >
  2. Equip your frontline workers with the ability to discuss myopia with patients >
  3. Keep management guides handy, including the BHVI myopia management guidelines, the BHVI myopia calculator, and the IMI’s myopia infographics.

...and importantly, spread the word!

keep your eye on myopia updates & more!

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