It’s time myopia management formed a part of essential eye health for children.

This year, we’re asking eyecare practitioners everywhere to make myopia management a part of their day-to-day routine for child eye health.

From ophthalmologists and optometrists to eyecare practitioners; you and me! Everyone involved in improving vision care can help to battle the myopia epidemic.

And it starts with making myopia management mandatory in the practice. 

So get involved!
Get online, spread the word, and prepare your practice, frontline workers and yourself to educate and treat patients with the latest treatments and preventative measures in myopia management.

#MyopiaAwarenessWeek #maw2023

#MAW2023 social resources

Spread the word to keep your eye on myopia by downloading the supporter kit and educate your patients!

The supporter kit provides a range of promotional resources and myopia management graphics to use in the clinic and online.

Remember to use the hashtags #MyopiaAwarenessWeek and #MAW2023 and tag BHVI’s accounts!

Knowing the risk factors, related diseases and what to do to manage a patient’s myopia are key to keeping your eye on myopia!

Cutting-edge technology and products, advances in therapeutics, and increasing dedication by the industry to tackling the myopia epidemic has seen an explosion in intervention treatment options for myopia.

take the pledge!

Whether in the clinic or at home, you can help others make healthier vision decisions.

And it starts by keeping your eye on myopia!

Will you take the pledge to make myopia management a part of your day-to-day?

I pledge to make #myopiamanagement a part of my day-to-day routine. Take the pledge too at! #MyopiaAwarenessWeek #MAW2023

Get involved!

What can I do?

Embed myopia management into your practice!

  1. Get familiar with the latest treatments >
  2. Equip your frontline workers with the ability to discuss myopia with patients >
  3. Keep management guides handy, including the BHVI myopia management guidelines, the BHVI myopia calculator, and the IMI’s myopia infographics.

...and importantly, spread the word!

keep your eye on myopia updates & more!

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