We need you!

Help us continue to innovate and solve problems.

We need all types of volunteers who are available for regular visits to BHVI trial centres, if you are:

  • Not currently wearing contact lenses or spectacles and in need of vision correction.
  • Have never worn contact lenses before – you can have the opportunity to try contact lenses under close supervision and receive full training in their care and use.
  • Currently wearing contact lenses or spectacles.
  • Experience dry eye symptoms with or without contact lenses.
  • Have no problems with your eyes.

You can volunteer!

Over 1,000 volunteers participate in our clinical trials every year.

  • Receive free eye care for the duration of the trial.*
  • Try out contact lenses free of charge (trials involving contact lenses).
  • Receive free contact lenses and solutions (or other eye care products that are part of the trial) for the duration of the trial.
  • Contribute to science that will help the next generation to Look Forward.
  • Help Australian Science continue to lead the world.
  • Be reimbursed for your time.

What happens once you register?

We will contact you to arrange a pre-trial screening consultation.
A qualified optometrist will take basic measurements of your eyes and check their general health including:

  • Vision measurement
  • Assessment of prescription
  • Measurement of eye pressure
  • General assessment of eye health

We closely monitor eye health to ensure safety and to understand whether the product works for you.

* It is important that you continue your regular eye care regime with your eye care practitioner. BHVI does not assume the responsibility for advice and treatment that your personal eye care practitioner provides, we provide eye care associated with the clinical trial, and then refer you back to your usual eye care practitioner.

Ethics & Informed Consent

BHVI takes our ethical responsibility to clinical trial participants very seriously. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of research. Our track record is proof of this.

A committee comprised of research specialists, optometric clinicians, scientists, and a biostatistician, reviews all proposed clinical trials. Clinical trials are then reviewed and approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee, and conform to Australian and international regulations and codes of conduct for clinical trials.

Prior to enrolment in a trial, the nature of the trial and any risks that may be involved will be explained to you. A Participant Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form will be given to you to read, and then you can discuss any questions or concerns with the clinical optometrist. If you are interested in participating, the informed consent form is signed, and a copy will be given to you to keep.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers receive free contact lenses and solutions (or other vision correction/eye care products used in the trial) and eye care for the duration of the trial.

Over 1,000 volunteers participate in our clinical trials every year. We are always looking for volunteers to take part and join us in developing the next generation of vision correction products.

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